About Us:

P.P. Packaging has been serving the needs of our customers for over 25 years. Founded in 1983, we have expanded into an internationally recognized company serving the food packaging needs of Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Americas.

P.P. Packaging provides a range of products and services. We started from manufactured of extruded P.S. foam such as trays, hinged lid containers, plates and custom design packaging. Our diverse product line also includes injection molded utensils as well non-food industry plastic products and parts.

Currently we specialize in a variety of plastics, including but not limited to: PS foam, PP, PET, PLA, and others. Our state of the art automated equipment can handle both low and high volume runs from injection molded plastic, plastic forming, as well as a variety of custom applications. Our ongoing Research and Development have led to new product innovations such as our absorbent PS foam trays for meat packaging, which eliminates the need for a separate absorbent pad.

We maintain onsite design staff who will work directly with you to help you create the exact packaging or plastic product you need. To maintain quality and reduce customer cost, all molds are designed and manufactured onsite to your exact specifications and can be stored on site for future orders, further reducing customer cost.

Our Commitment to the health of our customers and the health of the Environment:
P.P. Packaging has a long standing commitment to provide food packaging that is both safe for people and the environment.

Product Compliance and Safety:
P.P. Packaging’s production quality system is certified by Bureau Veritas Certification (BVQI) under ISO 9001:2008, and GMP/HACCP. Thus ensuring our customers peace of mind that the products they receive from us are safe and hygienic as well as high quality.

Going Green:
Our PS foam products contain No-CFCs. Further, our post-use products (PS foam, PP, PET packaging) are recycled into non food related plastic products as diverse as office supply storage boxes, rulers, and other products, thus reducing waste and raising environmental awareness in ways that make sense both for the environment and our customers.

We now offer our newest product line made entirely from renewable organic sources. ‘Green Product’ is made from PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) which is 100% derived from corn dextrose, reducing the need to rely on fossil fuels for plastic manufacturing and eliminating the environmental dangers in disposal of other petroleum based plastic products. PLA is compostable reducing landfill waste and contamination.


To be the leading manufacturer of plastic food packaging throughout Southeast Asia.


By focusing on our 6 core principles, we will achieve our vision.

  1. To be the leading manufacture of quality and hygenic plastic food packaging.
  2. To delight our customers through product quality, safety, utility, and value.
  3. To have the best Quality Management System in the industry.
  4. To embrace continuous improvement through Supporting Research and Development.
  5. To invest in employee training and education.
  6. To maintain the highest standards of integrity and promote environmentally friendly products and processes.


ISO 9001:2008
ISO 9001:2008

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